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Install New Locks - Make New Keys Plano TX

In case you have lost office keys and need Lock Picking services, Plano Locksmith is available and can help you in a short time. We are a local service that can arrive quickly when you need help. We are also fully equipped to make new keys if you are locked out due to lost keys.

We can Install New Locks or a new Key System for you when you need to secure your building a little bit better or when you want to make it easier to access your building. Our locksmiths have a lot of experience in any matters related to keys and locks and are always ready to help our customers.

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We provide our customers with High Security Services whenever they need to secure their facilities a little bit more. If you have invested heavily to equip your building with all the equipment it needs, you should make sure that it is well protected.

Are you in need of Office Lock Repair at any time? If you are, we will be able to fix your locks to provide you with the security that you seek. We can also supply you with a Master key system that will enable you to gain access or to secure all your doors with a single key.

Do you need to install Security Door Locks that provide your office with the toughest security?
If you do, we will be able to assist you quickly.

We are one of the best services in the city in terms of providing high quality services that our
customers enjoy and that provide them with the best protection.

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2213 W 15th St
Plano, TX 75075
Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Sat-Sun: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

If you have an Office Locked Out that is preventing you from serving your customers who will you call? Will you reach out to a service that is not available until the next business day, or will you call one that can come immediately to help you.

If you call us we will be at your door shortly to help you. We can also provide you with Lock Rekey to provide you with new keys for your door. If you need to disable your old keys because they were used by previous tenants, this is a good way of doing it. Not only is this a fast service, it is also cheaper than installing brand new locks.

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